Our research products are designed to provide you with superlative, effective and easily integrable behavioral- and human-centric decision models for any of your business needs. 


Some of the fields and industries we have the privilege to work and partner with:








One-Hundred-Percent Human Centric

You need research products that understand people? Our validated, reliable, reproducible and precise research products provide our clients with behavioral intelligence to solve some of their toughest and highly specific industry and business problems. 

CultureGRADE® is an organizational assessment tool whose output is predictive of market place success. 
JuryGUIDE® maps jurors decision process and provides initial case guidance and specific voir dire direction.
JuryGUIDE® maps jurors decision process and provides initial case guidance and specific voir dire direction.

We not only build the next generation of human intelligence, we also specialize in product, litigation and organizational consulting. 


Some of our specific services include:

Leadership Potential Assessment 

We increase demand for our clients' products and services by increasing their behavioral economic utility versus competitors. We eschew academic approaches and directly study the psychic mechanisms and heuristics that drive purchase behavior, loyalty and brand switching.  

These proprietary services utilize a bias-free approach on which company-specific models are constructed.  The models generate specific improvement guidance and change evaluation using employee’s own words and concepts thereby assuring correct interpretation and application.    

Workplace Environment Modelling

Litigation Outcome Modeling

We maximize the likelihood of successful trial, arbitration and negotiation outcomes for our clients by determining the optimal strategy and tactics. We do this by applying what we know from our study of purchase behavior to the construction of optimal case strategy, forecasting win likelihood, assessing venue impact and setting optimal voir dire tactics.

Organizational Performance Improvement Modeling

We help our clients’ organizations achieve higher levels of performance by modeling how it serves its customers and employees.  We do this by applying a validated assessment approach and generating a necessary set of prioritized performance-enhancement actions.